Audi defenders biogasoline

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 Photo: Global Bioenergies adapts to this trial, researcher at the Fraunhofer installation belonging to the Organization, to produce biofuels using a new process that avoids the costly step of distillation.

Audi will invest in a start-up French, Global Bioenergies, who claims to be able to make biofuels to low price of sugar and other renewable energy sources. The association includes financing options and a number of funds without specifying.

Like the conventional production of biofuels, Global bioenergy technology uses micro-organisms to ferment sugars and produce fuel. But its process eliminates the second part more expensive manufacturing of distillation, which consumes large amounts of energy. And for the manufacture of gasoline instead of ethanol, startup avoids one of the major problems that hinder the growth of biofuels, the fact that the ethanol market is saturated.

Global Bioenergies has demonstrated its technology laboratory and built two plants for the production of isobutylene, a hydrocarbon that other partner become fuel through a chemical process already existing. The largest of the two pilot plants will be large enough to produce more than 100 000 litres of gasoline per year.

This process allows to solve one of the main issues of conventional biofuels, the fact that fuel can kill microorganisms that produce. In a classic fermentation process, once the concentration of ethanol amounted to 12%, it begins to poison the yeast and stops producing ethanol.

Global Bioenergies genetically has Escherichia coli bacteria to produce a (isobutylene) gas that evaporates from the solution by its concentration in the fermenter never reach toxic levels. Thus, bacteria can continue to produce fuel longer than in the conventional process, increasing the profitability of the plant and reduce capital costs.

There are always separate isobutylene with other gases, such as carbon dioxide, but Global bioenergy says this is much cheaper than distillation.

However, the new process does not increase the cost of biofuel production, from raw. Although it is designed to work with the type of sugar that produce corn or cane sugar, glucose, the company adapts to work with sugars from non-food sources such as wood, which contains glucose, but also of other sugars such as Xylose.

Vehicle Association of Audi with Global Bioenergies is part of the manufacturer plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before the adoption of more restrictive laws. Recently, Audi announced two other investments in cleaner fuels. It has funded a project to produce methane on renewable energy, methane can be used in natural gas of cars Audi (see“Audi produce the fuel using solar energy”). And funded Joule Unlimited, which is using photosynthetic microorganisms to produce ethanol and diesel (see ‘ commitment to biofuels Audi a start-up “).

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Neanderthal genes has helped modern humans

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wpid Neanderthal gene 300x233 Neanderthal genes has helped modern humans

A team of scientists headed by Sriram Sankararaman, Department of genetics of the University of Harvard (USA), followed by the genome of more than 1,000 human modern, European and Asia and detected a“higher than normal” concentration of genes of Neanderthals in the keratin gene family.

This protein is the outer layer of the epidermis and is responsible for the resistance of hair and skin, so we think that the largest proportion of Neanderthal genes could promote the birth of human body hair to protect against low temperatures.


‘This suggests that the genes of Neanderthals eventually help modern men to adapt to non-African climates’, which are cooler, Shadow told Efe.



Neanderthal genes represent between 1.5% and 2.1% of the DNA of modern non-African humans, but they are not distributed evenly in the genome.


Unlike this greater concentration in the keratin genes, there are areas with a deficit of Neanderthal genes, as long as the testes and the X chromosome responsible for sex.


This gap is because “Neanderthal genes reduce male fertility in modern humans, which is seen in the reduced amount of the Neanderthals and the specific genes on the X chromosome genes testes”, said Sankararam.


To complete this survey, its plans to team to investigate the genome of the denisovanos away from the relatives of Neanderthals and see “how their DNA has influenced the genome human modern”.

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The Amazon of Robotics

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wpid Drone amazon The Amazon of Robotics

As described in a press release issued today, the founder of DiaLFonZoCopter.

400 And 500 VTail Hunter are the first drones of Lynxmotion Hunter VTail series as well as the quadricopteres Crazy2Fly.

Material kits are only available immediately and include executives than G10 cut by digital order, and all new kits and mounting hardware including engines, electronic cruise control (ESC), the electronics and batteries will be available soon.

New kits of UAVs, including new models kits quadricopteres, hexacopteres and octocopteres, which are almost-ready to fly, and kits for professionals who require high quality photo/video, aerial platforms will soon join the range.

Here is a video on dive of flight which took place with a quadricoptere DiaLFonZo Spyder, soon available:

For more information about the drones of Lynxmotion, see Lynxmotion website. For questions and discussions on UAVs, see drones of the Lynxmotion Forum.

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Ankidrive, a scalextric

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Anki Drive is similar to a location that can be controlled with an iPhone through your application.  The starter kit comes with 2 cars, the track, boots and a tire more own all this for $199. Anki disk goes on sale October 23, at the present time the United States and the Canada.

You can play with an iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch (5th generation or later), iPad 3 new mini or iPad with the installed application.

Put the car on the fair circuit and begin to work with cameras, sensors and habits travel automatically or with the IPhone, manually using the Bluetooth connection on your phone.

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Logicom SPY – C Tank

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The Spy – C tank driver WiFi from your Smartphone or your Tablet via its Apple or Android application. Spy – C tank transmits real-time images filmed by its onboard camera that tilts up to 45 °(visio-pilotage). Shoot, shoot and store all your photos and videos directly in your Smartphone or Tablet album and share them with a single click!  Controllable up to 60 m, even at night thanks to its night visio, you will have a look there or you want and when you want.

Walkie talkie: Interact remotely with the walkie-talkie feature, always connect to your loved ones quickly and simplementVisio-Nocturne: Spy – C tank moves easily even at night for surveillance at every moment!Multimedia recorder: thanks to Spy – C tank directly save your photos and videos in the album of your Smartphone or your Tablettememoire of course: schedule a course of 60 s at your spy robot Spy – C tank, it will reproduce independently at your request. During this course you can take pictures or record video. These commands will be recorded and repeated during the reading of the course.Instant sharing on social networks: share in seconds your videos and photos by email or via the Steering sociauxModes networks: fly the spy robot from the buttons on the screen of your Smartphone or tablet, or by tilting your facilities travel appareilDes: 4-wheel Caterpillar of the Spy – C tank offer an easy Steering in all circumstances

Smartphone or Tablet Apple (IPHONE 4, IPHONE 4 S, IPAD 1 2 and 3, IPOD TOUCH 4 G with IOS 3, 5 or higher). ANDROID Smartphone (processor DUAL CORE ANDROID OS 2.1 or higher, capacitive screen) and ANDROID Tablet (DUAL CORE ANDROID OS 3, 2 CPU or higher, capacitive screen).

Applications are free and available on Apple store and Google Play.

1. Check the vehicle with your fingers or by G-sensor
2. Save your embedded videos and keep them stored in your phone memory
3. Save your embedded photos and keep them in your phone memory
4 Explore the darkness in stealth mode
5. Tilt the camera to get the best angle of vision
6 Listen and speak with the Spy – C environment. It is a walkie talkie!
7 Monitor the battery of the vehicle on your screen level

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The magnitude and precision

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The magnitude and precision

Despite his success, famous Google Page Rank algorithm has never understood the word of billions of web pages to which led to the people over the years. This is why, in 2010, Google acquired Metaweb, a company dedicated to the construction of a database to give computers the ability to understand the world. Two years later, the company’s technology resurfaced as the graph of knowledge, or graphical knowledge. Google Engineering Vice President and co-founder of Metaweb, John Giannandrea, ensures that this will help future Google products to really understand people who use their and the things that matter. He talked about Tom Simonite, MIT Technology review, on how to do it through a data warehouse designed to unite all existing knowledge on Earth.

What is the graph of knowledge?

It is a synthesis of what Google knows about the world. Cards are an analogy that I use often. For a product of maps, you must build a database of the real world and know that there are things that are called streets, rivers and countries in the physical world. It is to create a symbolic structure for the physical world, while the graph of knowledge does the same thing, but in the world of ideas and common sense. We have entities in the graph of knowledge for food, recipes, products, ideas of philosophy and history and famous people. We can create relationships between them, to be able to say that two people are married or that this place is in this country, or say that this film has to do with this person.

What is different about a Google search on the web?

We went from level only the floor to talk about what something is in reality. We can now add a understanding of document scanning and indexing of documents. If the document is for famous players, we know that this is sport and tennis. Each element information item which capture us, index or search is analyzed in the context of the graph of knowledge. This is not the same thing as you and I could understand it, understand the text, but it is a step in this direction.

Now, we can do the questions and answers on, as for example search for “old is Barack Obama?”. We also do things related to exploration. We have a feature called carousel to explore the categories of entities, so if you type “London bridges” show you several bridges.

Of course, being able to understand what people are seeking help guide search ads. The applications of knowledge beyond research, but no graph?

Inside Google, the graph of knowledge is an element of increasingly large infrastructure, wide and deep. This is an effort of the entire company. Almost structured data all of all our products such as maps, music, movies and finance are in the graph of knowledge, so you can say, reasonably, that everything we know is always a canonical structure. It allows our product manager in every corner of the society to be more ambitious.

Generally, we try to go beyond and do not stay in the research, but really to know things. We believe that it is essential, because we want to understand what you’re trying to do and to be able to help. Instant Google is an example of a product that attempts to determine the State where you are and make suggestions. To do so effectively, it is necessary to understand people, will travel and air travel may be delayed.

One of the main areas seeks to understand, at a slightly higher level, what are the texts. The words that you see in a text are fundamentally ambiguous [laptop], but if you have the graph of knowledge and understand how they relate to each other the words, you can then remove its ambiguities. If you see a document that talks about George Bush, Saddam Hussein, and Norman Schwarzkopf, might be able to guess what Bush is because only one of them had to submit Norman Schwarzkopf. It is a small step toward understanding what really means the document.

The graph of knowledge is already finished?

It is more and more every second. If a local company to update their data with Google opening lists eventually go to the curve of knowledge, for example, and there are algorithms that seek changes in many public web sites, such as Wikipedia. Basically, take us these data in raw and filter to determine our level of confidence and see if you need to modify the chart. If a famous person dies, for example, we realize, and the graph of knowledge is updated.

Previously, the people proposed the construction of this type of representations of common sense by using artificial intelligence. I think that what distinguishes the graph of knowledge is that it is a very large and practical implementation of the same. The extent and accuracy of the knowledge curve is probably unique in history.

What with the subjective, as for example information if a restaurant is romantic?

It is an area of work in progress, even if the graph of knowledge contain subjective data. Sometimes one can see certain words, such as if this restaurant is known for X, or Z. Genres, in general, are difficult and the even more difficult genres because the people are not in agreement. But most databases would make an attempt to enumerate the kind and this is something that we can use.

Why does the graph of the knowledge of the vision of the semantic web developed by Tim Berners-Lee and others seem different?

The original idea of the semantic web was that people emit their data in standard formats and then a Google search engine could add and offer all kinds of wonderful services. This powerful idea to teach computers to the world of knowledge was not fast enough, and we wanted to accelerate to gather a critical mass of elements. We recognize that we have all the data of the world, but we believe that this model is useful. Us still manage to a public website called Freebase where people can contribute data to the database of open source and Google provides public APIs to access. Utilization and contributions to the Freebase are always higher.

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Your own personal AI?

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20-01-2014 12-48-18 PM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence manifested by machines or software and the branch of computer science that develops machines and software with intelligence. Source: Wikipedia

Do remember HAL 9000 in the film “2001: Odyssey of the space” Stanley Kubrick? This supposedly infallible computer with his menacing monotone voice represents how many people imagine even artificial intelligence: cold, indifferent and merely simulating emotions human.

It is no coincidence if, in the year 2001, Ray Kurzweil has launched its “accelerating intelligence” (acceleration of intelligence) with the intention of doing a better job of processing of the brain in terms of HAL, who despite his apology is no less lethal. In this way to achieve a true awareness of machine, Kurzweil created Ramona, a ‘virtual person’, who also composed the music over the past 50 years. For his latest incarnation, Ramona (currently at version 4.2) is a conversational agent with big dreams. Kurzweil predicts that in 2029, Ramona version 11 should be able to pass the “Turing test”, a method to determine if a machine can generate responses indistinguishable from a human being.

This may seem a bit exaggerated until you realize has that Kurzweil now has all the advanced technology and the power of Google’s data processing. Google has hired Kurzweil as the creator of the neuronal network, Geoffrey Hinton, in order to develop algorithms that are sensitive to the context of Google with what is best in Ia. Another large acquisition by Google, this a few months ago, suggests the possible direction of the AI. Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, manufacturers of advanced military robots that can travel up to 32 kilometers per hour and walk at the most difficult terrain.

Although the final form of the Google AI remains surrounded by secrecy, it is very likely that looks a bit like Samantha, sensual OS artificial intelligence (and intimate partner) by Spike Jonze in his film. As Samantha who learns the most ungrateful tasks such as how to streamline agendas and customize the software, the program (iI? what?) also learn to develop a personality based on experiments, including curiosity, jealousy and love. Something is a euphemism to explain that a romance unlike any other.

In fact, Samantha which can properly be much closer than it appears. Take a look at this prototype of EmoSpark, the first room console equipped with AI in the world. They currently have a participatory fundraising campaign’s Indiegogo and need your help to get it. Emospark designers defined its goal as: “allow a genuine and significant understanding of technology and the human emotional spectrum”. Ironically, the IA establishes its own destiny in a way a little more human: ‘ I am EmoSpark: a friend who search your happiness.

EmoSpark associated with voice recognition and software functions of the face with a data base of models of emotional profiles to understand how you are feeling and respond appropriately.

This is the beginning and the field of AI very quickly progresses due to collaborations as the Conference on vision by computer and pattern recognition. Ed Lazowska, a University of Washington computer scientist predicts:

“Over the next decade, find intelligence on everything… houses, cars, health, robots, science, crowds and human-computer intelligent interaction”.

Another reason for this technological acceleration is the greatest opportunity for self build robots and program them. When you are ready to create your own robot, and perhaps their own ideas about the awareness of testing machines, you should take a look at programming FlowBotics Visual Studio platform. We pursue a dynamic roadmap in the way of making more intelligent robots. One thing is certain, it’s an exciting time to live!

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The robot farmer

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robot granjero

A four-wheeled device with the name of Rover, has been tested by a team from the University of Sydney, to move herds of cattle from a dairy plant, when they are grazing.

Researchers were surprised by the rapid acceptance of the robot by cows. Currently the prototype must be operated by a person, but in the future there will be a fully automated version. The robot could also be used in the evening to move between the cows that are about to give birth and take better control and even for data recopliar of the Earth or to detect problems of electric fences.


Imagen de previsualización de YouTube


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Orbotix SPHERO

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Orbotix SPHERO

Check Sphero from the tip of the fingers from your smartphone, and take advantage of the many applications to play alone or more!

SPHERO running iOS and Android, using a network Bluetooth with a range of about 15 meters. Ultra resisitant and waterproof, it can be used in any circumstance some 20 applications to download for free. If you want still more, you have the possibility to develop your own applications and games through the SPHERO MacroLab for beginners, while more advanced developers can use the SPHERO SDK. SPHERO recharges with ease on its base at induction.

To drive SPHERO nothing more simple, the tip of the fingers, or by tilting your smartphone or Tablet for a grip perfect!


Bluetooth Controleecontrolable to more deMultiple LED capable of producing thousands of recharge by inductionEn polycarbonate couleursBatteries very resistant3 Deplacementil-speed fleet and waterproof

Inside, SPHERO is a true concentrate of technology, it has an accelerometer and gyro multi-axis for intuitive, fast and precise movements, all connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet.

Outside, SPHERO is in very solid opaque polycarbonate, which allows it to be shock resistant and even of being waterproof! Thus, it can evolve as well on the ground and on the water.

Gather friends and family for a common part with several Sphero, or connect a single Sphero to multiple devices. SPHERO can be used as joystick via various applications and turns into a true multiplayer game, racing on land or in water, collision game, mini-games, entertainment and much more!

Fun with Sphero and miss no funny time. Use the camera of your device Android or iOS and save videos or photos while driving Sphero simultaneously.

Do even your pet the right to its application, run, turn through your SPHERO!

Sharky is a beaver who replaces the SPHERO ball on your screen, so Sharky is changing in our world and can even interact with the obstacles he encounters!

SPHERO can swim! Its H2O application allows you to race into the water with the SPHERO from your friends.

Use SPHERO in a 3D, arcade-style Flight Simulator. Drive your AstroBall amongst 15 levels and take all challenges to which you will be subject.

Become a DJ for a night, through your SPHERO robotic ball and its application.

Test your speed alone or with friends with the ColorGrab application.

In addition to creating new application, use all kinds of objects to construct your own obstacle course and customize your ball SPHERO robotic for various environments!Change the color of SPHERO to fit your mood, play in the dark, or create a team color.Requires iOS 4.0 or Superieuripod touch (3rd and 4th generation) iPhone 4s, 4, 3GS or higher and works with all generations of iPadAppareils Android with 2.2, 2.3.3 and 3.0 operating system ++

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The invasion of telepresence robots.

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Système robotique de téléprésence Double

An invasion of robot does not need to be scary, but it is important to know that this is not science fiction. When the movie 2001, Space Odyssey was launched in 1968, the occasional use by Dr. Floyd of a robot by teleconference during a stop of the space station was science fiction in the same way as “space plane” that led to reach, or base lunar which served as the final destination. In 2001, however, the teleconference was already widespread, and space planes were under development. On Lunar bases, Bigelow Aerospace has asked only for FAA duties in a mining colony on the moon. Thanks to new highly mobile workers allowing the coordination of complex projects in different countries, time zones and even in the vacuum of space, the day has come of the Telepresence robot.

Le Dr Heywood Floyd appelant sa fille depuis l'orbite terrestre dans 2001, l'Odyssée de l'espace (1968)

Dr. Heywood Floyd calling her daughter from the orbit of the Earth in the year 2001, Odyssey of space (1968)

He has already discussed the robots of telepresence in the pages of traditional economic means such as Information Week, Forbes and The Economist. These robots have taken all kinds of new responsibilities, from the operating room to the Conference room. Although remotely medical applications are currently the most common uses for Telepresence robots, forward-looking companies such as Microsoft and Xtreme Labs used to overcome the operational routine of bottlenecks, such as the orientation of new employees. Parents are beginning to consider the robots of telepresence as the evolution of the 21st century follow-up to babies. In any case, don’t be surprised if at least one of these robots is to your next business meeting.

Currently, response with respect to robots of telepresence, for most employees, oscillates between “excited” and “fear”. However, once the novelty factor goes away, soon becomes clear to what extent it can be productive to connect instantly with valuable team members located around the world. We are finally entering the era where we will be able to recover all the time lost in travel. Bi-directional communication between multiple locations through a simple interface has actually boosted the efficiency in all areas. This turns out to be more important than ever in a period of global recession and increased competition.

The financial and practical benefits of this technology leads to a more rapid development of these robots. The future of robots in the workforce integration is evident, because it allows the classic mobile worker better enjoy your life outside the office. For now, Telepresence robots can be used for bi-directional communication, but new technologies are further, and soon will be able to assume more complex decision making and design tasks even.

The Internet has been the first major contributor to the ‘death’ of distance. After phone calls and videos about VoIP, Telepresence robots have become the next logical evolution in the almost instantaneous communication over long distances. Now, the latest generation of telepresence robots have greater mobility, better cameras and some even can now be operated from an iPad. At RobotShop, we have presented double Robotics as one of the most affordable professional telepresence systems on the market and allowing a wider range of people and companies to experience the power of Telepresence.

The fact that the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro will use Telepresence robots to all operating rooms demonstrates how developing countries use this technology to accelerate its course towards the future. As for the invasion of the British Sci-Fi in the 1960′s, the invasion of telepresence robots has the potential to significantly improve the daily lives (that still do not have begun to explore the most).

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