April, 2012

ASUS Prime GPS dongle pictured

I’ve told you last week about the ASUS Transformer Prime receiving a free GSP dongle that will solve the signal issues for all owners of the tablet. The guys at Land of Droid got their hands on an engineering sample and took …

Eliminate shared payments for consultations of telehealth’s Video

Telemedicine Tools That Are Transforming Healthcare

Telemedicine tools that are transforming Healthcare (please click on image to enlarge and Slideshow) the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has proposed eliminating payments shared for veterans who use their video telehealth services for remote consultations, either at home or…

Try Windows 8 on the iPad with Splashtop app

Remote desktop apps are nothing new, they’re used by system administrators, or by the people who want to control/access their computers remotely. It’s like using a monitor, keyboard and mouse miles away from your computer. With the recent tablet frenzy …

How to get a huge free traffic for your site

Each buyer in line on the planet knows if a site does not generate or even not attract visitors on a basis regular, then cannot wait is that income from this site. And if a site does not receive any …

4 Ways role is changing more

At the end of 2009, Corporate Executive Board (CEB) published a five year perspective for companies that, “The future of Corporate IT,” predict a series of radical changes in its value, the property and the role. We predicted focus more …

Apple denies working on a project with Philippe Starck

Late last week, we inform you that famous French designer, Philippe Starck, announced on the radio working with Apple on an innovative project. And although the Cupertino firm has recently denied this information.

philippe starck

“” Last week, Philippe Starck announced work

Minimum requirements for Intel Windows 8 tablets detailed

Now that we’re getting very close to the moment Microsoft will launch Windows 8, all company’s partners are starting to push for their new devices compatible with the new OS. Intel is one of the most active partners and has …

Cheetah, robot are very feline!

The DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) presented its new robot in early March are still in full development called “Cheetah”. This robot which must reach new speed records has directly inspired movements of animals moving quickly in the nature …

Anonymous Suspect’s Revealing Mistake


Valley View

Check out our lineup for the Next Valley View (our live Web TV show) April 24, 4 pm PT in our SF HQ:
• Zynga CTO Allan Leinwand
• Hands-on technology demonstrations from SuccessFactors, DataSift, and Proton Media…


Picture from http://www.technologyreview.com/

Using a 3D printer to build physical objects like airplane parts or robots has been seen. A startup company named Organovo based in San Diego, California, United States, want to eventually print replacement organ using the 3D printing technology. The …

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