January, 2013

U Wii sells well

If U Wii sales “remains solid”, according to the head of Nintendo, the Wii has done much better during its launch in 2006. We are still far from the consoles 5.5 million approved by the month of March.

Wii U …

Jailbreak Untethered

Jailbreak untethered expected by the owners of 6 iOS devices. A hacker has finally achieved a working software. He was quick to share the news in wiggle me and the community is thrilled.

Finally, the untethered jailbreak was retrieved by …

An Australian re-imagines Facebook

Facebook new look

“Facebook – new image and concept”. Here is the name of the last project designed by Fred Nerby.

This Australian designer is fun to totally reinvent the design of “the great social network in the world.

A one minute video …

Free Adgate

That happened in the head of Xavier Niel? A simple desire to push a shot from mouth? Possible according to a tweet from host Stéphane Soumier good morning, great morning business show dedicated to the economy in BFMbusiness, narrated by…

Compressorhead, a group of musicians robots !

CompressorHead - Groupe de Robots Musiciens - Bandeau #1

And here is ” Compressorhead“, a rock band made up of robotic musicians !
His specialty: Heavy Metal !

But only instrumental for now… because none of these robots sing for the moment…

Moreinformation and video on Compressorhead,

Spotify closed a part of its service

Spotify puts an end to the purchase of music in your service. Prefers to concentrate on the streaming is widely praised by users. The manager says that this decision is not imposed by the record companies.

Spotify is the world …

Marketing: 25 predictions from experts for 2013

bandeau marketing predictions

ExactTarget, e-mailing and marketing services channel relational Cruz of the specialist, he has published a chart compiling a list of 25 tips and predictions for 2013 marketing. These provide for several market experts, dealing with 6 main points: channel marketing, …

The Pro surface would be available late January

Book money? Just win the lottery? If this is the case and awaiting with impatience the exit of Microsoft, surface Pro tablet, read below the lines that follow.
End of November, Microsoft has announced that the new signature with Windows

How to write an effective marketing message?


Today we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages and advertising per day, is not always easy for consumers to find their way. So to stand out from the crowd that are distinguished from our competitors and our message is …

The Nao robot Invites regatta Vendée Globe

Vendée Globe 2012 - Tanguy et le robot Nao - Les chocolats de Noël - Bandeau #1

The robot Nao continues its journey on the sailboat ‘iniciativas-corazon’ of browser Tanguy de Lamotte in the career of the Vendée Globe 2012
And as Christmas gifts, they received good chocolates!

Tanguy and Nao continue their journey with these …

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