September, 2013

Need For Speed rivals

Custom Mini

Because you’re playing a good time during the last Gamescom, I can assure you that you need for speed rivals is shaping up as a great harvest! This new iteration of the car racing simulation had launched both on current …

YouTube launches ambitious plan to generate more videos for Web


YouTube attracts individual users 1 trillion each month 6 billion hours of video watching. And now, he launches an ambitious plan to create even more YouTube videos.

Inside a massive aircraft in Los Angeles hangar, YouTube is launching a revolution …

Hong Kong – world tour


Remember, is East of Tsim Sha Tsui District which booked the lower part of the Web was introduced, to the latest news.  Li presented in turn between North Point and Causeway Bay.

Li has kindly specify how much he liked …

Do you have your fingers?

Do you have your fingers? Give up the idea of acquiring iPhone 5s there are probably more than a few die-hard fans of Apple that are already experiencing the fingertips with the best products available in the dizzying prospect of…

Update, repairs and modifies your smartphone

What is most important for you in a smartphone, is your design or scalability? If you choose this last, then will probably be interested a new phone concept called Phonebloks. It is an intelligent modular system consists of separate and…

IPhone 5 c


iphone 5C

As expected, this Friday the iPhone 5 is available for preorder at the Apple store for delivery around September 20. 599 euros for the 16 GB or 699 euros for the 32 GB model. This is of course prices …

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