March, 2014

The Amazon of Robotics

The Amazon of Robotics

As described in a press release issued today, the founder of DiaLFonZoCopter.

400 And 500 VTail Hunter are the first drones of Lynxmotion Hunter VTail series as well as the quadricopteres Crazy2Fly.

Material kits are only available immediately and include

Ankidrive, a scalextric


Anki Drive is similar to a location that can be controlled with an iPhone through your application.  The starter kit comes with 2 cars, the track, boots and a tire more own all this for $199. Anki disk goes on …

Logicom SPY – C Tank

The Spy – C tank driver WiFi from your Smartphone or your Tablet via its Apple or Android application. Spy – C tank transmits real-time images filmed by its onboard camera that tilts up to 45 °(visio-pilotage). Shoot, shoot and store …

The magnitude and precision

The magnitude and precision

Despite his success, famous Google Page Rank algorithm has never understood the word of billions of web pages to which led to the people over the years. This is why, in 2010, Google acquired Metaweb, a company dedicated to the …

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