Android and iOS resprésentent 88 per cent of all the downloaded applications

Por · Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Only a year ago the number of cellular subscribers who had smart phones was around 40%. Today, the number has reached 50% and has seen its growth to expand very rapidly in recent months thanks to manufacturers who do not hesitate to propose more or less low coast, phones for a vast majority of the population of bénifier of a smartphone.

This trend comes a growing popularity of applications for these mobile devices. Nielsen has conducted research on trends in mobile and applications that have mobile applications.
We meet today, a few interesting facts about the current state of the use and the applications.

Android et iOS resprésentent 88% de toutes les applications téléchargées

Firstly, the average number of applications on a smartphone made a jump of 32 to 41. If this does not seem a great difference, that all equally almost 30%! In addition, these applications are downloaded mainly by people using iOS or Android operating systems.
It is also interesting to note that people spend more time in these applications, as opposed to devote more time to the mobile Web. The time is 10% in 2011.

The most popular applications are not surprisingly, Facebook, YouTube, Android Market (renamed in game shop a few months ago), search for Google, Gmail etc.

Other interesting statistics, people spends 40 minutes per day to use these applications, and is the same five core applications than last year.

Please take a minute and see the Nielsen chart on trends in mobile applications! Who knows, perhaps would have omitted a popular application…

How to use your mobile phone on a daily basis?

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