Barnes and Noble Nook Color 2 could launch in November, just before the Kindle Fire

Por · Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Even if Barnes and Noble is not quite the same size as Amazon when it comes to eReading, it’s probably the only company right now that’s able to compete in the eBook market with Amazon. Their series of Nook eReaders is due for an update soon, as rumors point towards Nook Color 2 preparing for the official announcement in November, probably on the 7th.

As expected, the Nook Color 2 will sell for $200 maximum, thus continuing the pricing strategy from Barnes and Noble, plus it makes it easier to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

A few features will make it easier for Nook Color 2 to compete with Kindle Fire on the markets where Amazon’s ecosystem is not available (basically anywhere outside US) and these features are: easy access to the Android operating system on top of which Barnes and Noble builds their custom User Interface and alternatives to Amazon’s movies and music streaming services.

If B&N announces the Nook Color 2 at the beginning of November, just 10 days before Amazon starts shipping the Kindle Fire, which was already pre-ordered in the a few hundred thousands units (Amazon’s Q3 profits were already affected by manufacturing costs of all the Fire’s the company has ordered) it’s possible the new eReader will arrive in shops before end of the year, just in time to take advantage of the Holiday season.

Barnes and Noble Nook Color 2 is almost here

Barnes and Noble Nook Color 2 is almost here

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