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Soon, you, the users of the Anglo-Saxon world have DROID3 Robot creator blogs (WordPress) in English.

It is a challenge that offers its creator Eric Collins, a computer genius. Eric has developed a powerful tool for creating blogs ** including a genuine policy of promotion marketing blog created most of whose tasks are automated.

So it is useless to be an expert on Google AdSense or tools AdWords system of  legendary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc.. or buy some very expensive courses.

More manual intervention (some still remain! Only a robot …) that are required are facilitated by video tutorials that complement the management DROID3 Robot.

Droid3 Robot Creator Blogs In English :

You say whatever DROID3 the robot is able to make a full and accurate statement would be a challenge, as we will use the main operations directly visible to the administrator of the blog:

– Indexing your blog to the main seekers (Google, Yahoo, MSN …) and RSS aggregators;

– Publication of original and unique texts (articles and commercials), video and image galleries inthe public domain, direct messages to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, .. for the best known but also other );

– Direct links to online stores Amazon, Click Bank, Ebay, etc.. So the sudden you’re a retailer with good margins and commissions;

– Capture of Internet email, from your blog, who wish to learn more …

– More conventional but useful for a translator (forty languages are concerned)

– …

Droid3 Robot Creator Blogs In English :

Finally, I remind you that the technical creation of the blog with the  DROID3 Robot only takes a few seconds (about twenty to be precise).

Currently  the DROID3 Robot exists only in Spanish for the Latin world.

If you want to be part of the unique first 200 subscribers allowed in a first time buying DROID3 Robot, please register here (see in ” Your details “, at the top of the right column) and soon as we enter the phase of pre-campaign you will be warned for the exclusive benefit of a coupon with a discount *** on the sale price of the DROID3 Robot.

A more cordially, sincerely yours.

Yours truly Walter !!

Note of Droid3 Robot Creator Blogs In English :

* Droidien: Users of this extraordinary DROID3 Robot (currently the technical and technological evolution is at version 3.5).

** These are blogs that specialize in a specific field: the “microniches’ (eg the market for” dogs”, a niche is the” Dog Defense “and a microniche may be the” dog German Shepherd defense). “Thus we decline to infinity with a multitude.

*** Of the order of 50%. the price is not yet definitively established but should be around $ 1,500 (think all the time, all energy and all costs if you had to do the equivalent of the  DROID 3 Robot).

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