Facebook (finally) launches its picture of application for iOS

Por · Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Facebook announced last week its new application for iOS, called Facebook cameradevices. The application will provide a social photo sharing layer, i.e. that normally might find a little earlier in year in Instagram.

The product Facebook, Dirk head lowered, he briefly describes the characteristics that can be found in the application. When users have downloaded and will connect to the application, it will show a grid of photos published by the users to your friends list. It can navigate through the images and easy access to the image and put a “Like” or comment.

Facebook camera also can more easily share photos on Facebook, allowing users share multiple photos at a time. Therefore, users only have to select each photo that want to download in the marking of a check mark, and then, click the “Post” button.

Facebook lance (enfin) son application photo pour iOS - Affichage en grille des photos des amis

Facebook lance (enfin) son application photo pour iOS - Visualisation des photos ajoutées par les amis

The feature that makes that the closest to Instagram implementation, is its ability to Edit photos. Users can crop or rotate photos before posting them and of course, you can add a variety of filters.

Facebook lance (enfin) son application photo pour iOS - Outils d'édition des photos

Facebook lance (enfin) son application photo pour iOS - Commentaire posté sur une photo

Facebook strengthens the position of Facebook in the market of mobile phones with this application and this once the enterprise stated that the reason was a priority after its introduction on the stock exchange last week. The application also can be oriented to appeal to photographers, who are one of the few who have completely embraced Google + niche.

This application comes just weeks after the acquisition of Instagram $ 1 billion for Facebook, which is a company dedicated to the creation of an application for sharing photos. If the Chamber of Facebook really based on Instagram, production of processing of the application technology seems to have been of high speed. This suggests that Facebook probably already was developing in the House, and before even Instagram has been purchased.
It is possible that Facebook is concerned about the legal consequences of the version of an application very similar to Instagram….

Facebook has provided a short video that shows how the application and the device will work hand in hand, you can see below:

Unfortunately, the application is at the time you read these lines, available for download at the Apple App store only in the United States of the version of the store. In addition, also note the absence of a version of Android ! Taking into account that this has been for Instagram this operating system, it can be inquiet…

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