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If you have a blog long ago, you aren’t without knowing that the time and effort that goes in the creation of quality articles are constant. In my case, and I think that this is the case of many colleagues, blogging can be up to 3 to 4 hours a day and for the sole purpose of the meeting and describe all their ideas more light than others.
However, there are cases where blogs can slow down and tasks quickly take you much of your precious time. If you are a Firefox user, you have the opportunity. Here there are some extensions that I use on a daily basis and that are useful to help reduce their blogs by half-time.

Of course you need to have the Mozilla Firefox browser to use! If you have another browser like Chrome it should be equivalent, but I’m not addressing me on this. Do not hesitate to mention that it uses on a daily basis.

ScribeFire is an extension that you can send to a blog from the Firefox browser. During installation, you will see a “Notepad” icon in the corner in the bottom right of the browser window.
If you do not see the latter can modules bar is not active. To be, to go in the “Display” tab and then “toolbar”. From there, select “bar modules”.

Please click on the icon and the half below for the browser open ScribeFire. Add credentials for your blog by clicking on “Add a new blog” and you can start blogging from the integrated text editor. Thus, you will be able to edit articles from this tool and even export it so that it is immediately ready!

Des extensions Firefox que tout blogueur doit avoir ! - ScribeFire Next 4.0

Now, are you going to tell me why use? Has never been forced to write your article in an editor simply because you have no Internet access ? In my case, I’m on the train, is the ideal tool! I purchased an editor tools and I can easily export or upload the article once you get a connection. An undeniable time saving.

After the date limit is a corrector of spelling and grammar at hand. This audit tool is similar to Microsoft Word.

To activate the playback, the F4 key or click on the “ABC” icon and it will highlight errors and provides suggestions. Custom styles of grammar and language can be changed in the menu “Options” of the extension. Therefore, I believe that French before if your preferred language.

Des extensions Firefox que tout blogueur doit avoir ! - After The Deadline 1.51

Note: Please note that the plugin will be displayed in all areas of text on Web pages. Therefore it can be useful in the composition of an e-mail message, or another.

Zemanta is a very useful extension for the management of your photos, links and other related articles based on the article of the blog that is working. Once activated, a sidebar on the screen of the control panel will be observed.

This page offers a selection of photos and articles relating to your article. You can click on a photo and automatically appears when the cursor is in the window of your blog. You can also add links to your own blog and images from Flickr by clicking on the tab “My sources”.

Des extensions Firefox que tout blogueur doit avoir ! - Zemanta 1.0

This extension is really ideal in the design of an article ! It makes reference, or simply to add an image in it, will be simply crazy.

If you’re serious about SEO on your blog, then this extension is a must – have. SEO Blogger is a research tool for Firefox which allows to find good keywords that you can use to optimize your article. Simply click on the “W” icon on the corner at the bottom right of the browser to display the interface of the extension on the left side.

To use it is very simple! Enter a keyword that you want to insert in your article, and the tool will automatically show dedicated to SEO statistics such as the number of use of a keyword in your article and the percentage of the number of occurrences of this keyword according to the number of words in your article.

Des extensions Firefox que tout blogueur doit avoir ! - SEO Blogger 1.0.8

The quality of the research and rights for a note of blog-free images can be a tedious job. With many online resources, it cannot simply be submerged.
With stock Royalty Free Image Search Toolbar, you don’t have to look at several sites in photos. It is added to 200 sources of free picturesand for your convenience.

Des extensions Firefox que tout blogueur doit avoir ! - picNiche Toolbar

Click the icon extension in the upper right corner and select the sites you want to carry out research and clicking the favicons in the toolbar of the plugin. You must then write a key word in the search bar and click “Search”.

He warned, however, because each photo site will open a new tab in your active Firefox browser to display search results. If you have selected many, this quickly can become the brothel of his hand…over

Blogs should not be a stressful experience for everyone! In fact, some people blog to take a rest and relaxation. This is clearly my case… block These extensions are safe for the blog more efficiently and with less difficulty.

With the above features, use these extensions can help you to put more emphasis on writing articles!

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