MongoDB Advanced Partner

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Paradigm and popular database MongoDB have joined forces to give the service to enterprise customers who invest in innovative and effective solutions.
The huge community that counts with MongoDB, as well as the reputation of the paradigm, which is positioned as one of the leading providers of software services consulting, make sure that this collaboration allows the end customer to enjoy the best of both sides.

The Advanced, MongoDB partners enjoy significant benefits and must comply with a high level of requirements within the partner program.  MongoDB has only advanced if 18 partners anywhere in the world, and the paradigm is one of them.

This collaboration has a direct impact on the final client, enjoying the immediacy and the proximity of the relationship paradigm and at the same time experience and the best support in the hand of MongoDB. Paradigm provides its customers direct access to support, technical resources, training helps the application and design and 24 × 7 support.

Paradigm has a long and extensive experience in MongoDB, from research to major developments for clients of insurance and e-commerce projects.

Paradigm software development play a major role in the design, the implementation and execution of applications for our customers and to have direct access to specialists for MongoDB.

Our architects and developers trained and certified by MongoDB now belong to the Group of experts of the paradigm in MongoDB and our customers can enjoy.


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Ohm’s law

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Georg Simon Ohm was a German physicist born on March 16, 1787 in Erlangen and died July 07, 1854 in Munich.
In 1817 is a Professor of mathematics and physics at a school in Cologne. This school has a properly equipped laboratory, the flavor of the experimental work with it only after the discovery of electromagnetism by Oersted.
In 1825, he decided to devote herself entirely to research, in 1827 he published and the organic law of the electrical currents, established the law that bears his name.
Ohm (O) is the official if the power of resistance.

Make the circuit illustrated by the diagram below.
Schéma pour mesurer une résistance
A pure resistance (the so-called dead) is supplied into energy continuously by a variable voltage source. We ask an ammeter in series with the resistance to measure the current. A voltmeter is connected to the terminals of the resistance.

Vary the voltage increments; for practical reasons we calons tension in an integer value. For each of these levels, we take note of the values indicated by the voltmeter and ammeter. Put the values in a set of surveys (see model below).
After the series of calculations of U / I for each row in the table and enter the results.

Table of Relevesvoltmetre Uvamperemetre IaUv/Ia

We note that the relationship between the difference of potential U at the terminals of the strength and intensity, the crossing is constant.
The U / report express the electrical resistance R.
So we have: R = U / I.

The ohm (symbol O) is the unit of resistance.
It can be defined thus:
The ohm is the resistance of a conductor that is crossed by a current of 1 ampere when maintaining this lead terminations a difference of potential of 1 volt.

Notes: the inverse of resistance is the conductance (G symbol) is expressed in Siemens, with G = 1/r.

The Ohm physicist showed that:
the potential difference between two points of a conductor is proportional to the intensity of the current and the constant of proportionality called resistance.

This results in the formula: U = R * I
U in volt (V)
I in amperes (A)
R in ohms (O).

Notes: knowing that R = ? * (l/s).

Heating resistor O 25 is crossed by a 9.5 Amps DC.
What is the voltage that feeds this heater?

We have:
R = 25 O
I = 9, 5A.
We use the formula U = R * I.
Calculation of u
U = 25 * 9, 5
U = 230 V.

We control an electrician welder (at a stable temperature of 245 ° C) than the resistance of the fault absorbed 2.2 amp with a voltage of 24 v.
What is the value of the resistance?

We have:
U = 24 V,
I = 2, 2A.
We use the formula R = U / I.
Calculation of a:
R = 24 * / 2.2
R = 10, O 9.

Resistance O 24 is supplied with 48 V DC.
What is the value of the current flowing through this resistance?

Resistance of electric furnace is supplied with 230 V and the power rail is 12 amps.
Determine the value of the resistance of this oven.

A step of the motor winding ohmic resistance is O 0.95. Manufacturer tells us that the maximum current that can circulate in a coil is 3 amps.
Determine the value of the maximum stress which will power to the coil.

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Myths of large data

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The term that large is very fashionable. However, is still much confusion around this technology, which makes companies finally do not know what to expect in the application of large data and are often not even knowing what it really means.

Worse, many join companies this current by removing legacy products with versions of large data, that allows to increase confusion and not take advantage of the multiple benefits.

It is one of the myths that we believe that it is. We believe that the four Vs can be simplified into one:

«Sets of technologies able to get additional value of all of the available data for companies»

Big business already has the analysis of systems and applications that are of value of these data. But you can get an additional value of data that are not scanned (or which are not stored) using data more intense and deep that you currently use. In summary, for us, Big Data is a technology capable of adding value.

Another myth, the volume. Here we can see some data on volume of companies:

Petabytes: Google 300PB, facebook 45PB, Yahoo! 180PBExabytes: US HealthcareZettaBytes: in 2011, 1, created 8ZB.

It’s a great myth. None of our customers (among them the major Spanish banks, major insurers and Telefónica) were of petabytes. Your limit is the tera-byte. So why apply it in our case?

What is a reality, it is that whenever we have more data. Ubiquity, mobility, machine to machine sensors, internet,… they are all data generators. In addition, all applications you have, log, events… are even more data. Yes, many of these data are not stored or no is their value, and is what causes that technologies are not able to handle all that data and get them this additional value we are talking about since the beginning.

Here we have an example of this increasingly have more data.


Source of what is happening in 60 seconds on the internet

This is an overview of the amount of data generated in 60 seconds. That is, in one minute only 169 million e-mails are sent and published over 1500 posts. Until 2003, 5 exabytes of information have been generated, and now the same amount of information is created every 2 days.

The volume of data grows really and there is more need to move these data and get an additional of value systems with limited budget. Conclusion: Do not you can stay stuck in old paradigms and technologies. Big Data technologies have many advantages, but need to know how to use them properly.

There is a reduction of incredible cost with these technologies. For example, Teradata is a very traditional system, but the store terabytes on Teradata is hundreds of thousands of dollars (or million). However, storage terabytes of data with Hadoop is thousands euros (or even hundreds of thousands of euros). As a result, cost reduction is one of the great advantages of this technology.

For us, without a doubt one of the reasons by which use this technology is located in unstructured data. It is another of the main concepts always talked when talking about technologies of large data.
We get only 15% of the value of data (structured data). 85% remaining (structured or semi-structured data) are wasted. There are also new data that could be stored and the value. This game of operating data is the new oil companies.

The next slide truly reflects why the Big Data technologies should be used in large enterprises.


Source Bloomberg and datastream; annual reports; McKinsey analysis

Here are the data of companies using large data technologies. Others, some use it correctly, but the fact is that we have measures that demonstrate that this technology provides for revenues and benefits:

Increase in clienteAumento of Ventasoptimizacion of Recursosfidelizacion of customer conversions

At the moment there are mature enough data to be able to say with insistence that large data brings a competitive advantage to businesses. And if this competitive advantage not use it in your business, then your competition will use and will have an advantage that you can get on the market or make you lose share, and it is a luxury that any company can afford in the current situation. For us, this is the main argument.

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Eclipse of the Sun in Antarctica

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eclipse of the Sun in Antarctica

This eclipse will be the first of the two to produce this year (the next will be partial and will take place October 23 but will be only in North America and Canada).

The solar eclipses occur when, from the point of view of the Earth, the Moon passes in front of the Sun and cache, something happens that during the new moon phase.

We are talking about total eclipse “when the entire surface of the Sun is covered by the Moon’ and replace ‘ when the Moon, a little more away from Earth, covers all the surface of the visible solar ring Sun and leaves,” explained to Efe Francisco Colomer, of the National Astronomical Observatory.

In addition, nearby, eclipses are considered as partial (only the part of the Sun is covered by the Moon).

In this case, you will see the Antarctic, the Australia and the Indian ocean.

The eclipse will be start (how partial) in the 3.53 your (universal time, two hours less than the Spanish time) in the Indian ocean and ends in the 8.14 in the State of South Australia (Australia).

The total duration of the phenomenon will be 261 minutes (more than four hours).

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Robots : mine-free world

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Humains et machines unis pour lutter contre les mines terrestres

Humans and machines United in the fight against landmines

I am proud to say that in 1996, was part of a multinational force directed by NATO in Bosnia and Herzegovina and for mine clearance and neutralisation of pumps. As a military engineer Task Force (IFOR), our work was very stimulating and quite frightening. If you’ve seen the movie box office injured, probably have a pretty good idea of what they were facing every day, although it was not as intense as suggested by Hollywood. However, most of the time with their bare hands, with only a holding of demining for the protection, did this job not mine-clearing robots.

Eighteen years later, the process of elimination of explosive remnants of war (ERW/ERW) desperately similar remains, and estimates indicate that there are active mines still about 110 million that has not been triggered. According to the mine’s service United Nations action, these landmines kill around 20 000 people each year; in fact, there is a mine for 17 children alive, and they kill or maim someone every ten minutes.

Princess Diana was a strong accused of the cause of the abolition of all mines at the end of a war. and I hope that no one will forget the stunning images of the beautiful Princess dressed in a full suit of mine clearance in the minefields of Angola or holding a child who had lost a leg in a mine of. Until his premature death, Diana is deeply involved in projects of encouraging and assisting in mine clearance. It would be great if his legacy led to pressure without limit of demining former war zones.

Advanced technology is helping to carry out the enormous remaining project; current human efforts allow to eliminate only 100,000 of these mines each year. At this rate, it would take you 1 thousand years until all are found and eliminated, for it is obvious that more help is needed. The response through the increased use of robot technology.

Separation of the robots as the tactical robot SuperDroid, sell at RobotShop, already are used to make this process a little less painful for both men and women. Developed by iRobot PackBot and developed by Foster-Miller Talon robot they are two excellent examples, they have been used in thousands of missions for the removal of explosive ordnance in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. There are many other military robots of this type. Many other robots are needed to manage the overall project, and they must be intelligent and it is not expensive!

Robots tactiques SuperDroid pour le SWAT, l'armée et la sécurité

Tactical SWAT SuperDroid robots, military, and security

Separation of Robotics is studied in more depth in the University of Coimbra in Portugal. This University was endowed with a Husky UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) personalized Clearpath and it had been modified by the addition of navigation, lasers and stereo vision to a mobile mine detector that does not care about being reduced to pieces. The staff of the University has also added the moving arms, ground penetrating radar and a metal detector. Always accidents with landmines, but how it is better to simply buy a new robot for mine action pick up small pieces of the human being?

The results of the project of Coimbra are in addition to the mine clearance project of tiramisu and collaborative and continuous research explores how to deal, once seen the Husky UGV, which is also an essential part of the project. The researchers propose to present results and additional ideas on the International Conference 2014 IEEE Robotics and automation (ICRA) at the end of the month of may in Hong Kong.

We look forward to more promising developments in robotics demining; in fact, this year’s Convention ICRA is the introduction in the first challenge in robotics and automation in the humanitarian (HRATC) to foster a more active participation of academic and non-academic experts for the resolution of the problems posed by landmines.

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Dancer animatronics

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The work done by the artist Jordan Wolfson , with the help of his fellow spectral Motion. The exhibit is currently exhibited in the David Zwirner Gallery in New York. This figure includes facial recognition technology, which allows you to focus and keep the visitors to the exhibition.

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Audi defenders biogasoline

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 Photo: Global Bioenergies adapts to this trial, researcher at the Fraunhofer installation belonging to the Organization, to produce biofuels using a new process that avoids the costly step of distillation.

Audi will invest in a start-up French, Global Bioenergies, who claims to be able to make biofuels to low price of sugar and other renewable energy sources. The association includes financing options and a number of funds without specifying.

Like the conventional production of biofuels, Global bioenergy technology uses micro-organisms to ferment sugars and produce fuel. But its process eliminates the second part more expensive manufacturing of distillation, which consumes large amounts of energy. And for the manufacture of gasoline instead of ethanol, startup avoids one of the major problems that hinder the growth of biofuels, the fact that the ethanol market is saturated.

Global Bioenergies has demonstrated its technology laboratory and built two plants for the production of isobutylene, a hydrocarbon that other partner become fuel through a chemical process already existing. The largest of the two pilot plants will be large enough to produce more than 100 000 litres of gasoline per year.

This process allows to solve one of the main issues of conventional biofuels, the fact that fuel can kill microorganisms that produce. In a classic fermentation process, once the concentration of ethanol amounted to 12%, it begins to poison the yeast and stops producing ethanol.

Global Bioenergies genetically has Escherichia coli bacteria to produce a (isobutylene) gas that evaporates from the solution by its concentration in the fermenter never reach toxic levels. Thus, bacteria can continue to produce fuel longer than in the conventional process, increasing the profitability of the plant and reduce capital costs.

There are always separate isobutylene with other gases, such as carbon dioxide, but Global bioenergy says this is much cheaper than distillation.

However, the new process does not increase the cost of biofuel production, from raw. Although it is designed to work with the type of sugar that produce corn or cane sugar, glucose, the company adapts to work with sugars from non-food sources such as wood, which contains glucose, but also of other sugars such as Xylose.

Vehicle Association of Audi with Global Bioenergies is part of the manufacturer plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before the adoption of more restrictive laws. Recently, Audi announced two other investments in cleaner fuels. It has funded a project to produce methane on renewable energy, methane can be used in natural gas of cars Audi (see“Audi produce the fuel using solar energy”). And funded Joule Unlimited, which is using photosynthetic microorganisms to produce ethanol and diesel (see ‘ commitment to biofuels Audi a start-up “).

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Neanderthal genes has helped modern humans

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A team of scientists headed by Sriram Sankararaman, Department of genetics of the University of Harvard (USA), followed by the genome of more than 1,000 human modern, European and Asia and detected a“higher than normal” concentration of genes of Neanderthals in the keratin gene family.

This protein is the outer layer of the epidermis and is responsible for the resistance of hair and skin, so we think that the largest proportion of Neanderthal genes could promote the birth of human body hair to protect against low temperatures.


‘This suggests that the genes of Neanderthals eventually help modern men to adapt to non-African climates’, which are cooler, Shadow told Efe.



Neanderthal genes represent between 1.5% and 2.1% of the DNA of modern non-African humans, but they are not distributed evenly in the genome.


Unlike this greater concentration in the keratin genes, there are areas with a deficit of Neanderthal genes, as long as the testes and the X chromosome responsible for sex.


This gap is because “Neanderthal genes reduce male fertility in modern humans, which is seen in the reduced amount of the Neanderthals and the specific genes on the X chromosome genes testes”, said Sankararam.


To complete this survey, its plans to team to investigate the genome of the denisovanos away from the relatives of Neanderthals and see “how their DNA has influenced the genome human modern”.

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The Amazon of Robotics

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The Amazon of Robotics

As described in a press release issued today, the founder of DiaLFonZoCopter.

400 And 500 VTail Hunter are the first drones of Lynxmotion Hunter VTail series as well as the quadricopteres Crazy2Fly.

Material kits are only available immediately and include executives than G10 cut by digital order, and all new kits and mounting hardware including engines, electronic cruise control (ESC), the electronics and batteries will be available soon.

New kits of UAVs, including new models kits quadricopteres, hexacopteres and octocopteres, which are almost-ready to fly, and kits for professionals who require high quality photo/video, aerial platforms will soon join the range.

Here is a video on dive of flight which took place with a quadricoptere DiaLFonZo Spyder, soon available:

For more information about the drones of Lynxmotion, see Lynxmotion website. For questions and discussions on UAVs, see drones of the Lynxmotion Forum.

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Ankidrive, a scalextric

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Anki Drive is similar to a location that can be controlled with an iPhone through your application.  The starter kit comes with 2 cars, the track, boots and a tire more own all this for $199. Anki disk goes on sale October 23, at the present time the United States and the Canada.

You can play with an iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch (5th generation or later), iPad 3 new mini or iPad with the installed application.

Put the car on the fair circuit and begin to work with cameras, sensors and habits travel automatically or with the IPhone, manually using the Bluetooth connection on your phone.

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