Google and Twitter, crazy love, tough love?

Por · Monday, June 25th, 2012

Could it suggest a minute Twitter could be bought by Google? And to my great désarrois, according to several articles I’ve seen on the Web, it seems that this notion fairly realistic, not as wrong in fact, with the recent failure of the efforts of Facebook for entry into the stock market, action launched in $35 is currently, at the time when I write these lines, at $26.91, “smaller” Internet companies, like Twitter, can find a very interesting offer on the acquisition of a giant like Google. In fact, the merger with Google, the acquisition of Twitter than for some time according to Business Insider…

Google et Twitter, l'amour fou, l'amour vache ?

While Twitter is certainly not ready, at least in its current capacity, entry into the stock market, the company is still not very far… In fact, the social network is in constant evolution, growth and join many personalities, giving a lot of credibility.
Other side, the introduction of Facebook shares should be a brutal reminder that success is not only in the eye of the viewerand adherence to service according to Business Insider, both parties, Twitter and Google, they are open to the idea of an acquisition.

Twitter has done a tremendous job and very serious concerning their income from advertising and to illustrate its performance before selling to the actionnaires… Then perhaps that the arrival of Google it is a better option, especially the management of ads and a way faster towards success. Business Insider really raises some very relevant arguments in its coverage on the subject, here is how all of them summarized the case:

It is clear that economic Twitter model will be based on the addition of ads in the chronology of these users, and that they will guide through contextual correspondence. For the moment, this is something that Google dominates better nobody!Co-founder and President Twitter Ejecutivo, Jack Dorsey, less in the months of time for the company, preferring to work in another company of its square. Dick Costolo, therefore, is not the CEO of the company, which supports the enterprise. His last already sold a business to Google once in his career. For what, again?Google organizes the Web for desktop computers, through the extraction. As a Twitter, organizes the Web to mobile phones, with the thrust. And when we know that most of the time on the mobile phone will be the future of the Internet, it is a real problem for Google!

We will have to wait and see if this speculation is true, but I think it would make much sense and would be a powerful Alliance, if Twitter bought by Google. If both parties are willing, it could be just a matter of time and logistics.

Twitter could benefit from knowledge clarify Google on advertising management, while the search engine could feed its new social data search engine.

A rumor that still raises many questions, including the main is as follows: what Google +? In some respects, Google + Twitter capabilities has integrated a little into account.

All that? In fact know too nothing… in any case case is obvious that if Twitter were to disappear for Google + was clearly disappointed and angry. Another, this could give a boost other network microblogging… but in a t – really necessary?

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