Google Nexus tablet

Por · Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

A few days ago when I wrote about the Google tablet, confirmed to arrive by Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt in a 6 months window, I said that this is probably going to be a 10 inch model.

If we are to believe the latest rumors the Google Nexus will be a 7 inch tablet in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire, so it will also be priced the same, at $199. It’s interesting to see Android fighting Android, as I’m pretty sure no analyst had anticipated this last year.

It’s 100% sure it will be powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or a newer minor version, if released by then. Unfortunately no other details are known at this time, so stay tuned for more details soon, if the April rumored launch date proves correct. Also, if you thought 2011 was an interesting year for tablets then you’ll love 2012. CES 2012 is due to start soon, so expert more tablets to be announced by all attendants.

Google Nexus tablet mockup

Google Nexus tablet mockup

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