Here is what aspect will be the center of the Facebook App in iOS

Por · Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The center of the Facebook App is now about to be released for all sometime now… If recent reports support this idea, the company announced its App Centre at the beginning of last month, it indicated that it would be available in the coming weeks more… The official launch, is t – is imminent, and we could appear in a few days in our mobile versions.

Additionally, if the Centre of the Facebook App has not yet been revealed, some images have fuité on the Web, thus helping to give us a better idea of what the application will be similar, at least in iOS.
It’s TechCrunch who managed to get some pictures, which allude to some important elements, but not surprisingly, the Center Facebook app.

The new feature, if they have not heard about, is the way to Facebook show not only Facebook specific applications, but also mobile applications with Facebook Connect. The Application Center is not compatible with one of these mobile applications, but users will have a port of entry in charge in the right direction, such as iTunes, or the work of Google store.

If this is not a super secret, since the newly entry bag giant always some images in its first announcement, these new screenshots give us a little more details on how it will work on your iPhone.

Firstly, we can see that the App Center will be accessible through the left navigation menu:

Voici comment le Facebook App Center va ressembler sur iOS - Accessibilité de l'App Center

The center of the App screen will allow you Browse by popularity and “recommended” applications, for which it can be assumed that it takes into account the way in which applications are used and qualified, friends and a few users. One thing that I am sure, is that the popularity in the App Center will play a key role in what is displayed to users. Facebook said that if the application receives a negative feedback, simply not be show.

Voici comment le Facebook App Center va ressembler sur iOS - Tri par applications recommandées

We then see what will seek information on each page of the application. We also see a beautiful page with some images of friends using the application. This is another indicator that Facebook will depend heavily on social data to promote applications in its App Centre.

Voici comment le Facebook App Center va ressembler sur iOS - Page d'informations de chaque application

If you are a developer, you should know that you will find useful information here. The mere fact that Facebook is going to depend largely on the Notes users to promote the commitment of the latter to decide what applications, media and hopefully that applications will increase the quality and the applications of lesser quality to be polished, slipping.

The Centre of App could be a giant in the implementation of those who want to use Facebook in their applications. For users, it would be nice to have all labeled and compiled with uniforms, notes and descriptions of consorts…

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