Nao: the personal humanoid robot?

Por · Thursday, January 5th, 2012

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Bruno Maisonnier, founder of the French company “Aldebaran Robotics” in the companies of 2 NAO humanoid robots

According to Wikipedia.

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The robot F Geminoid, an Android and its human model

A humanoid robot is a robot whose overall appearance reminiscent of a human body. Generally, humanoid robots have a torso and a head, two arms and two legs, although some models represent only a part of the body, for example from the waist. Some humanoid robots may have a “face”, with “eyes” and a “mouth”.

In comparison, an Android is a humanoid robot which resembles a human being, as the robot Geminoid f.

Bruno Maisonnier, founder of the French company “Aldebaran Robotics” grows more than 25 years to the era of personal approach humanoid robots. He started his company in 2005 and offers the latest version of its robot NAO…

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57 Cm tall, the NAO robot has the following characteristics:

25 degrees of freedom (DOF) that the main components of electric motors and actuators (actuators) sensor networks: 2 cameras, 4 microphones, sound, 2 emitters go, 9 touch sensors, 8 pressure sensors and communications equipment in inertielleDifférents’s map as a voice synthesizer, lights LED and 2 loudspeakers for high fidélitéUn processor Intel ATOM 1GHz (located in the head) uses a Linux kernel operating systems and proprietary middleware Aldebarán (NAOqi) second processor located in battery torseune 27, 6 – watt – hour NAO approximately 1.5 hours of autonomy or more, according to

Take note of how NAO protects himself in a fall (towards the end of the video). Pretty humain…

Soon, but not yet for the time being. Note also that it will be available soon and that it could start to become a robot humanoid in this way rather than a smart toy.

Upon NAO…

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