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As promised earlier this week, I’ll continue with my vision of the tablet of guide of Blackberry that I’m enjoying for a couple of days. In this article we will discuss the procedure of initial installation as well as accessories of Tablet PC of RIM accompanied, along with some others I have received for review.

As one might expect of a modern gadget, there is little to configure (the no Windows installation), but has a few steps to follow before you can first use the Guide’s 7-inch tablet. Here is my set of instructions short followed by a video that takes you through the entire process.

Once you remove the guide of its sale by retail and press box held the power button that is provided to connect the charger (does not work without it) and move the fingers on the home screen. This really me confused a move from left to right there has any type of reaction, which considering carefully the glossy text animation have concluded that the right to left blow will get everything started. Remember keep moving from right to left and left the next slide of right screens.

Next in line is choose the wireless network and enter the correct password. Fast connection takes place and is very reliable (which I have seen in recent days). The next step is the with the date and time settings (I have left in car) and, then, is the selection of the country and set up a Blackberry, ID in case you don’t have one yet.

List of installed Playbook apps

List of installed applications of guide

The next step will be the longest in his case also: checking for updates, download and installation. It took me about half an hour to download an image of 300 MB of the latest version of the QNX operating system and install. Most of this time is necessary for the download to the slow Canadian Internet connection I and another million are paying lots of money for. Restart is required and after about two minutes the installation wizard starts new calling for the passage of the bridge of Blackberry, which can be omitted if you do not have a compatible Blackberry smartphone (which does not). You can skip the next two tutorials on video, if you know how to operate the Tablet already and here is the guide of Blackberry ‘desktop’. Now you can start playing.

Now that the Tablet is setup and ready to go take a look at the the included Blackberry accessories guide and I have them further for evidence. The sale retail box is quite simple, with a clean and well organized design small boxes containing the manual and accessories. It is so nice as picture of Apple’s iPad, but slightly smaller, due to the 7 inch screen, diagonal vs to 10 inches of Apple tablet. I have to say that the first impression that the guide is a good. He is a cousin of the box experience.

Cases for BlackBerry Guide: the selection of AllTouchTablet. You may want to remove this post also

Accessories included in the box

Wall charger : connects via microUSB at the bottom of the Tablet and boasting a flip design aims to reduce the space when they are transportedmicroUSB cable USB -used to connect the tablet PC for backup and synchronization. Also charges the Guide, but takes about twice the time compared to the wall chargermanuals and guides will prompt to register your device on the website of RIMCloth screen cleaner – use much at fingerprints clean bright Panel of the Guidebooks based neoprene – black on the outside, blue on the inside.It is a fairly tight fit, but it seems can protect the tablet of damage in the event that you are carrying in a backpack full of gadgets/objects with rough edges

That’s all, with the included accessories. Let’s see now what other goodies RIM sent me:

He founded grey neoprene books – with a green interior and without the massive Blackberry recorded in it (if you want to keep your friends guessing what is in it)protective screen film Trü : this is for the protection of the screen, but I’m finding the length of layer in my Samsung Captivate S (and the Guide for the course) glass of Gorilla without any scratchesIncipio skin -this is a slip skin with a design of bee and two massive packages which help you keep the Tablet better in the hand. It does everything bulky, but is good to look at and help with pressing the small power button. All ports and buttons are accessible with thesheath of fast loading skin, it is a base which has a three pin (such as your portable computer) cable to charge up to two times faster than the supplied wall charger. It also maintains the tablet in a horizontal position for the observation of media, but the angle of inclination is not adjustable and seems too steep

That’s it for this brief post. Expect more to which details the operating system, applications, general use and a comparison with the iPad. I wonder if there is any particular detail that you want to know and to answer all your questions.

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