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Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Programmable RC Vehicle – Color Video with Sound!
Includes 3 Built-In ApAdd high-tech sophistication to your spying games with the Spy Video TRAKR. This remote-controlled robot lets you record video with as much secrecy as possible. It transmits video to the full-color screen on the remote control for viewing in real time. For more advanced spying, TRAKR can run specialized apps for even better functionality, and it can store video on a memory card (sold separately) for uploading to your computer. Recommended for spies ages eight and older, TRAKR offers hours of high-tech sleuthing fun. Spy Video TRAKR
Ages: 8 years and up

Requirements: 10 AA batteries; small Phillips head screwdriver for battery installation; personal computer for downloading apps and uploading video

What We Think
Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Handheld remote and full-color screen allow you to watch subjects in real time

The Challenging: Keep an eye on the TRAKR’s path to make sure it avoids puddles and other un-recommended terrain

In a Nutshell: A sophisticated RC spy toy for any budding sleuth
Watch video in real time with the handheld remote’s color video screen. View larger.
Access additional apps with your internet connection and the included USB cable. View larger. Stealthy Surveillance on Wheels
For covert operation, the Spy Video TRAKR camera rolls close to the ground on four wheels that have special stealth treads. Equipped with an antenna, microphone, adjustable video lens, and speaker, TRAKR makes it easy to observe your suspects. While the TRAKR is equipped with stealth treads for easy mobility, it is not designed for travel through sand, water,

  • The most intelligent RC vehicle ever
  • Color video and sound let you see and hear all the action
  • Customize it with hundreds of online apps or build your own
  • Built-in apps include Cyborg Vision, Night Vision, and Path Mapper
  • Online apps are free

List Price: $ 129.99
Price: $ 87.74

Erector Spykee – The Spy Robot

Spykee, the spy robot, is a crafty ‘bot that you control via the WiFi connection in your computer. This means you can give Spykee commands from virtually anywhere in the world! Plus, he does just about everything except feed the dog.Spykee moves, watches, hears, speaks, takes pictures, records video and sound, and can act as a surveillance camera. What’s more – when he begins to lose steam, he automatically heads back to his charging station (included) for more “energy.” Compatible with classic metal Erector sets, sold separately. Requires one 9.6V battery (included). Measures 12″ x 12″ x 12″. Spy RobotAs you control him through your computer, Spykee can move, watch, hear, speak, take pictures, and record video and sound. Send him off on your most intriguing missions while you watch from the safety of your home computer.VOIP PhoneNeed to make a call’ No problem. Spykee acts as a VOIP phone and webcam, and is compatible with Spykee 3.0 (PC) technology.Video SurveillanceSpykee keeps an eye out for you. When he detects a movement, an alarm is activated on your computer, or he’ll send you a picture via e-mail.Digital Music PlayerJam to the beat of your own tunes with Spykee. He’s happy to play your favorite songs.Other Play FunctionsFrom taking snapshots, sound and video recordings to providing video filters, there’s not much Spykee doesn’t do. RequirementsPC requirements: Windows 2000/XP with .NET framework 2.0. MAC requirements: MAC OS X. Spykee The Spy Robot takes interactive Erector sets beyond the limits of kids’ imagination. This latest build-your-own Erector set from Nikko America does everything from play digital music to guard a home or business. Spy from Anywhere
Recommended for ages eight and up, Spykee is far more than your ordinary toy robot. Perfect for audio-visual surveillance, Spykee has the ability to

  • Spykee can move, observe, hear, speak and take real time pictures with video and with sound effects
  • Spykee is a digital music player
  • A video surveillance device
  • Activates an alarm or sends you a picture by email
  • Recommended for 8 years and up

List Price: $ 299.99
Price: $ 349.99

Robot Chicken: Star Wars

ROBOT CHICKEN:STAR WARS – DVD MovieRobot Chicken’s finest half hour is more savvy than Spaceballs, more inside than Family Guy: Blue Harvest, and funnier, even, than The Star Wars Holiday Special. This Very Special Episode of Comedy Central’s stop-motion animated series parodies and goofs on all things Star Wars, from a disgruntled Empire janitor to an ad for Admiral Ackbar Cereal (“Your tongues can’t repel flavor of that magnitude”). Twenty three minutes goes by like the jump to hyperspace with such priceless bits as the collect phone call to Emperor Palpatine from Darth Vadar to inform him of the Death Star’s destruction, awkward morning-after pillow talk between Luke and Leia (“That was so wrong”), and George Bush’s newfound Jedi powers. Co-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich and company immerse viewers in the Robot Chicken universe with generous bonus features, including storyboarded deleted scenes (with self-deprecating commentary), behind the scenes footage of animation meetings, and alternate audio takes. Good sport George Lucas, who gave his blessing to this episode, boldly goes where William Shatner went before by voicing himself in a Star Wars convention sketch that concludes with a Lucas-worshiping geek telling his son that meeting his idol was the best day of his life. What about his son’s birth? “Not even close,” dad replies. But you don’t have to have that kind of devotion to Star Wars to be amused by this weather forecast for Cloud City: “Cloudy, followed by clouds.” –Donald Liebenson.

  • The warped minds at Adult Swim’s ROBOT CHICKEN take their demented sensibility to the holy grail of sci-fi epics, STAR WARS, in this hilarious special. Jaws will drop as Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine trade “yo mama” jokes, George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln battle it out with lightsabers, and Darth Vader sobs on the telephone. But the show really hits its stride when riffing on

List Price: $ 14.98
Price: $ 4.85

Robot Vision: Video-based Indoor Exploration with Autonomous and Mobile Robots

The book is intended for advanced students in physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, engine engineering and for specialists in computer vision and robotics on the techniques for the development of vision-based robot projects. It focusses on autonomous and mobile service robots for indoor work, and teaches the techniques for the development of vision-based robot projects. A basic knowledge of informatics is assumed, but the basic introduction helps to adjust the knowledge of the reader accordingly. A practical treatment of the material enables a comprehensive understanding of how to handle specific problems, such as inhomogeneous illumination or occlusion. With this book, the reader should be able to develop object-oriented programs and show mathematical basic understanding. Such topics as image processing, navigation, camera types and camera calibration structure the described steps of developing further applications of vision-based robot projects.

List Price: $ 205.00
Price: $ 149.71


Live the adventures of a genius inventor robot named Rodney Copperbottom as he moves to the big city to work for the company founded by his childhood hero. When Rodney uncovers a villain’s plot to take over the city, the brave young bot, with the help of his new friends, overcomes all obstacles to realize his dreams — and make the world a better place for all robots. Take wild rides in fast-paced robot vehicles, upgrade your gadgets with cooler, more useful parts, and team up with your trusty Wonderbot to solve challenging puzzles, battle evil bots, and explore a highly interactive 3D universe that brings the world of Robots the Movie to life.

  • battle evil bots with cool upgradeable gadgets
  • Hang out with your favorite movie characters
  • speed through city in rapid transport pads
  • Meet new characters and explore new locations not covered in the movie

List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 7.99

Rockem Sockem Robots

Rock’em Sock’em Robots™ It’s the classic game of battling robots! You power the punches. Move into position and hammer your opponent’s robot until you knock his block off. Watch out…your block can be knocked off too!Format: GBA Genre: CHILDREN Rating: RP UPC: 802068100704 Manufacturer No: 10070

  • Rock’em Sock’em RobotsTM It’s theic game of battling robots! You power the punches. Move into position and hammer your opponent’s robot until you knock his block off. Watch out.your block can be knocked off too! Format: GBA Genre: CHILDREN Rating: RP UPC: 802068100704 Manufacturer No: 10070

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 8.80

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