Structural batteries will replace conventional batteries?

Por · Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

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The batteries take lots of space in our electronic objects and more, are heavy! The design of electronic products and objects that require portable power must take into account its form, limiting the creativity and boldness of designers. If we could passer… does this will be all as with the innovation proposed by the company BAE Systems: conventional batteries that soon will replaced by structural batteries?

The idea: literally to include batteries in the structure of the object which requires energy. BAE engineers joined the chemical components of batteries of composite materials of nickel before the conversion of the components in 3D. The structure is thus on drums. Some application examples:

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BAE Systems is the proof of structural batteries in an electric car: a Drayson Lola B12/69 EV (Note well the structural parts to be used as proof of the battery, identified by the arrows in the photo above). This bolide of 850 racing in the Lemans series will attempt to become the fastest electric car in the world. If the structural components of an electric car becomes the batteries, you can imagine the corresponding reduction in weight and the resulting energy of these environmentally friendly vehicles.

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Carbon fiber components lend well to become structural batteries. Last year, BAE has made this small UAV, unmanned aircraft using structural carbon fiber batteries.


A flashlight with batteries structural was also completed. Density of

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weight stored current however remains the low point of this new type of batteries: the current density is equivalent to car battery in approximately one-third and the tenth of a lithium battery. A new experimental model in BAE, however, to reach the equivalence of a car battery.

Developing batteries is nickel basis to ensure a longevity: it would be absurd to design a structural battery in the form of a room should be replaced in the short or medium term. However, the BAE hope little develop prototypes of structural basis of lithium batteries.

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The company engineers are also trying to find ways to reduce the burden of weight that must be a member of a mission. Structural batteries could play a significant role in the reduction of weight.

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