Galaxy note 2: available on mobile free with a reduction

The Samsung Galaxy note 2 is already available in the catalogue of mobile free. Rebate offer is also very interesting for those who wish to acquire this Smartphone/tablet.

Note 2 Galaxy highlights very nice assets. It offers a fairly large …

The horrific 5.0.1


Holiday periods and the Dev-Team well understood by us providing a magnificent gift: IOS 5.0.1jailbreak, this revolutionary firmware! You will tell me it is not new, it is a couple of weeks. And that he has only just published …

SPHERO, controllable ball Robotics by smartphone – available soon

Sphero - Balle Robotique de Orbotix - Bandeau #1

Orbotix, originally from the American Society of Sphero, had presented his robotic ball at CES 2011.

To changed slightly and finally found his design and final design.

Reminder, Sphero, therefore, is a ball / Robotics that can be expelled from

Available for HP TouchPad Android

After the liquidation in 99 € a few days ago for HP TouchPad, the Tablet is now able to support the Android operating system and its touch screen (which is a problem), the technical team of TouchDroid.

The company technicians …

Finally available in iOS music Google

A few months ago, the company launched its service of music, a cloud called Google music Beta, is now come time to progress and development before the enlargement of potential users, how? To offer a version dedicated to devices like …

More detailed information on Sony S1 and S2 tablets is available

There has been much to discuss here all touch Tablet tablets coming Sony S1 and S2 of Sony, but it didn’t have real information, i.e., until now, when rumours website updated have emerged. Nothing confirmed right now, but the official …

Skype for iPad is available for download (free)

I’ve been saying last month that Skype is almost ready to launch its Skype for iPad app, and now you can download for free from Apple’s App Store. The app was actually released yesterday, but was withdrawn almost immediately, …

Google +: the iPhone application is available

It is now several days that Google + made its appearance on the Web and that a good number of people who try the Google social network. At launch, only an Android application was available and for users of other …

Modern Warfare 3 will be available for the color blind

Already experienced in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the option to simplify the game for the new color-blind to be established in Modern Warfare 3.

It seems that 6% of the population is affected by the blindness of …

Ubuntu 11.04 available in beta

This new beta version of cialis online generic Ubuntu do the following software:

The westernunion texas new Ubuntu Software Center introduced a system of recommendation similar to the Android Market music player alternative album Banshee Rythmbox suite explained instead doxycycline
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