Online payment: rate of fraud down


The nominal amount of fraud on the internet, he, however, continues to grow and represents 61% of the total of fraud in 2012 remotely.

450 million. This is the total amount in EUR of bankcard fraud took place in 2012, …

The first transparent smartphone

The first transparent smartphone comes to be developed by a company of Taiwan, Polytron Technologies, one of the world leaders in glass technology. The company has already announced the possibility of marketing end 2013.

Unlike previous attempts, is not only …

End of the promos for Windows 8

As you might expect, the promotions to acquire Windows 8 discount matured today. According to Net Applications, the latest operating system from Microsoft is now 2.26% of market share.

It is so complete, the time where we could migrate to …

Google Adsense training teaches

Google Adsense training teaches you everything you need to know about this program of payment for advertising to generate stable income every month.

Google Adsense training teaches you everything you need to know about this program of payment for advertising …

ASUS Transformer PAD TF300

One of the best surprises of the first half of the year was the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, the first affordable quad core 10 inch Android tablet. We’ve extensively reviewed it here and compared it to the Prime, new iPad and the …

“The art of healing”, the first webdocumentaire in robotic surgery

L'art de soigner - le premier webdocumentaire sur la chirurgie robotisée - Bandeau #1

Discover the robotic surgery and the robot “Da Vinci” with “The art of healing” web documentary, carried out by the clinic General-Beaulieu, location of surgery in Switzerland. “”.

Among the most important and recent medical developments the robotic surgery is

Review of the first quarter of 2012


As promised here it is, therefore, 1 quarterly balance of this year 2012. If you had to sum up in one sentence, I was going too fast. Really I have not seen the time pass, and I have the …

Eluga, the first smartphone

Hamburg a few days ago the annual Convention of Panasonic has been the opportunity to announce the launch of a range of new smartphones in the European market with a goal of selling 1.5 million units on the continent during …

NAGRAVISION launches his first picture

We have spoken this afternoon, Nagravision was forced to submit his “digital revolution” Conference of free Mobile must intervene tomorrow at a similar time in advance. Therefore, presented Monday at the end of his first picture of society.



Zynga, first publisher of games for Facebook

On Facebook, invitations to your friends to join Cityville or Farmville probably are the first cause of pulse of lynching friends from spam. Fortunately there ishigh in the universe of color where breathes free camaraderie between virtual neighbors.

It …

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