Update, repairs and modifies your smartphone

What is most important for you in a smartphone, is your design or scalability? If you choose this last, then will probably be interested a new phone concept called Phonebloks. It is an intelligent modular system consists of separate and…

The first transparent smartphone

The first transparent smartphone comes to be developed by a company of Taiwan, Polytron Technologies, one of the world leaders in glass technology. The company has already announced the possibility of marketing end 2013.

Unlike previous attempts, is not only …

15.5% of European Smartphone users

According to a brief article about the data mine blog about one European in six, owner of a smartphone also has a Tabletof comScore.

Search marketing company that provides marketing and data services to large number of largest companies …

HTC Proto: new Smartphone with Android



Published on August 25, 2012 by Jennifer.

HTC Proto would be the next Smartphone manufacturer. On this occasion, the courtyard provides a picture of the product that fits perfectly in the midrange.

This year HTC puts other manufacturers …

Make your Smartphone a telepresence robot!

Telepresence for personal robots are still rare in the trade, but still popular and practical! They allow both vocally and with other people visually interact even an end of the world and become a TV surveillance robot.

Today we have …

Eluga, the first smartphone

Hamburg a few days ago the annual Convention of Panasonic has been the opportunity to announce the launch of a range of new smartphones in the European market with a goal of selling 1.5 million units on the continent during …

Smartphone Privacy Snafu: U.K. Carrier Broadcasts Numbers

10 Companies Driving Mobile Security

Is your mobile phone carrier disclosing your smartphone’s telephone number to every website you visit?

The short answer was yes, at least for subscribers to O2 in the United Kingdom who were accessing data via a 3G or WAP–although not …

Android Buyers Find Smartphone Update Chaos

Lookout Mobile Security Protects Android Smartphones

How can consumers who want to buy a new smartphone, or businesses that want to issue smartphone recommendations to employees, assess which devices offer the best security?

That was the question posed by Harry Sverdlove, CTO of Bit9, in his …

¿Kindle smartphone? Informe dice uno en camino

Fire Kindle Tablet has only been available for a few days, but already Amazon aims to launch a smartphone, says a new report.

According to a note by investor in Citigroup analyst Kevin Chang and obtained by All Things Digital, …

Nokia Device kinetic: UN flexible smartphone

Nokia wanted to demonstrate that despite the different problems that faced the company, having that in the future and not only through its partnership with Microsoft.

In fact, the Finnish firm revealed the kinetic Nokia device, a truly amazing …

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