Not do I want to watch a video?

Facebook experiments with a new way to view videos directly in their sequence of publications. Starting today, a small group of people, will have the joy of taste to auto-lanzamiento some videos that are in the social network, in both

The reasons for the success of the video conferencing

Video conferencing

Videoconferencing over the Internet (also called “web conference”) systems to convert your PC into a virtual and interactive meeting room real 24 hours on 24 and 7 days a week. You can bring the people of your choice, in the …

The hunger games: 53 errors

Hunger Games was taken for target by sins of cinema. Eastern this YouTube channel was approached to Prometheus or Batman again. Today, she decided to collect all the errors of the first panel in just three minutes.

Sins cinema offers …

iPhone 5: Video of a 24-carat

IPhone 5 costs around 670 euros for a nude version. It is also possible to obtain a concept with a good price highest of 24 k gold. It is Enterprise Gold & Co released a few days ago the small …

Curiosity, High-definition of the amarrissage

Curiosity is once again in the spotlight. This is certainly the most beautiful video that we have had the opportunity to see from his past August 6 amarrissagele. It is an amateur who has done a huge job to compile …

The arrest of Kim Dotcom revealed

A few months after the arrest of Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, the video shot in the RAID was revealed and made scandal.

megaupload scandal

The arrest of Kim Dotcom was already much talk, but was missing an important element to understand …

Return to the “Nao Dev Days” 2012

NAO Days - Spring 2012 - Robot - Bandeau #1

” NAO DEV days ” are the first European competition for the development of applications of personal Robotics.

The weekend of April 01, 2012 has been a very special day for the Nao robot.
“” In fact, the “Robotics Aldebarán” …

iOS 5.1.1 is here: improvements and over-the-air update how to [video]

Apple has just released the software update 5.1.1 for iOS, covering the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. As always the udpate is available over-the-air or through iTunes (whichever comes handy do you).

Personally I see no reason why not …

Eliminate shared payments for consultations of telehealth’s Video

Telemedicine Tools That Are Transforming Healthcare

Telemedicine tools that are transforming Healthcare (please click on image to enlarge and Slideshow) the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has proposed eliminating payments shared for veterans who use their video telehealth services for remote consultations, either at home or…

Romeo, Aldebaran Robotics humanoid

Roméo - Robot Humanoïde - Aldebaran Robotics - Bandeau #1

The project is in development for a small time, and after several illustrations found in different concerts, here is the first video of the robot Romeo of Aldebarán Robotics society.

It also measured 1 m loan 40 for loan of …

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