The day of geeks, today!

Por · Monday, June 4th, 2012

I do not know if it is a very formal celebration, but after women’s day, the day of solidarity, after the day of the Geek. The date of 25 May is the anniversary of the first film famous of Hollywood by George Lucas, “The war of the stars” and the death of the creator of “the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy”.

A manifesto was created to celebrate the first day of geek pride , which includes the following list of the fundamental right and responsibilities of geeks.

10. Rights of the geek:

The right to be even more right geekLe not out vousLe who do not like football or any sport that this right is provided along with any other geeksLe the right to have few friends (or not) the right to have as many friends as you geeks the right voulezLe not follow the law model that overweight and myopeLe right to show their proper geekerieLe to conquer the world

10 Features of geek:

Be a geek thing arriveEssayer to be more Geek than all autresSi a conversation is a topic of geek, must give his opinionSauver and protect all material on geekFaire everything to display objects as a “Museum of Geek” geeks ambulantNe not be a geek general is spécialiserVoir all geek movies the day of your departure and buy all the books in geek before all queue mondeFaire every first. If you can go dressed as, or at least with a t-shirt in the report, is still mieuxNe never throw anything related to a world of geekEssayer to conquer the world!

In France, for the third consecutive year, the famous site of sales in product line of high-tech, LDLC decided to renew the operation last year with an event-oriented and participatory site involving geeks honor.

“Which is why four issues await you on the site: “products of the geeks of the year”, journalists or bloggers, passionate of high technology were sought and were selected for us products on sale at and give us your opinion, the “Museum of the geek” including the idea is to create all memory of geeks, “geek life” which may indicate your life geek and finally the “, WINS his day dream of. “geek” that is a great game contest where you can win 3000 € of hi-tech products.

Finally a small graphics of the day of a geek, no. how!

La journée des geeks, c’est aujourd’hui ! Un manifeste complet....

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