Booster his twitter account


Why boost twitter account ?

You probably know the potential of twitter. Twitter is hot spot today!
Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, CNN, your local news, and even your local radio stations and malls, all have Twitter accounts to expand their network of followers on Twitter.
And you? Yes, surely you have also already have an account, but you have no time to administer regularly.Vous win “two followers” each week and you hallucinating before Twitter accounts which have hundreds or thousands of followers and come
regularly to twitter throughout the day.
You can imagine the impact this would have on traffic to your website / blog, on your business, your e-reputation, your visibility … if you could do the same …

twett adder


How to boost twitter account:

Today there is a tool that will give you results as expected. The software in question is Tweet Adder.
But what he’s so great this software?
Tweet Adder will allow you to manage your twitter account automatically, and dramatically drive up your number of followers with no effort on your part. I guess some of you are doubting, yet there is no reason. This software is just extremely well designed. And a lot of people use it worldwide, whether professionals, celebrities …

Booster his twitter account, the benefits of Tweet Adder:

– Time saving: no need to spend hours on Twitter, the software creates your tweets and / or follow unfollow and depending on how you configured it.
– An increase in the number of followers: this is likely to have an impact on your chances of being retweeted on the traffic on your site, your sales …

Booster his twitter account, Tweet Adder features:

– You can manage as many accounts as you want, just to purchase the appropriate license for your use.
– It counts your number of followers and subscriptions total, as well as those acquired during the day.
– “To follow list”: create a list of account tweeter follow. TweetAdder subscribe to these accounts automatically and progressively. In most cases, these users will follow you in return and will increase your number of followers.
– “Tweet search”: Search users by keyword. For example you have a blog on the IPAD, you would like all those who speak of the IPAD, know your site and twitter account. Tweet Adder will automatically add in your account list to follow, everyone who tweeted the keyword “iPad”.
twett adder 2

– You can:

. refine search keywords, depending on the language used, the location, number of followers, subscriptions, frequency of update, whether they have always the default profile picture (the egg), or a profile with a url.
. search all followers (people who follow “) a twitter account and add them to your account list to follow. For example to get readers – customers of a competitor’s site, or simply to better target your future readers – customers.
. retrieve all subscriptions for a user, simply by retracting the nickname from his account. Retrieve only those in the list of a user.
. Configure the account number to be followed by day and the time between each subscription. Automatically back the people you suivent. Se automatically unsubscribe people who do not follow.
. Prepare a list of tweets to be automatically released in the day, amount and frequency of your choice.
. Add RSS feeds. Tweet tweet Adder can automatically your latest articles by example. Retweet automatic tweets another user, or tweets containing a keyword. “@ Reply (Reply) auto.
. Send a thank you message automatically to your new followers and / or sending automated messages (advertising, promotional code …) your follower’s oldest, newest, or a follower chosen randomly.
. Enable automated tasks at a certain time slot.

This software also has a built-in url shortener Tweet Adder (
It is possible to generate unique tweets, returning a list of synonyms in your tweets (like a software content spinning).
“Search Trends”: See the trend (of the week, day …), the keywords most tweeters.
All features can be used manually or automated according to your choice.
So as you can see Tweet Adder features are numerous. They are not all perfect, some are useless (or so only for spammers). In any case, it will be for all users huge time savings, which will provide more of that excellent results. You will just focus on the quality of your tweets, articles, your SEO …
Tweet Adder is available in PC and Mac, you can download a free trial, but it does not have all the features, so little interest …
The full version costs 55 dollars be paid forty euros for management of a single twitter account, $ 74 for 5 Twitter accounts, 10 accounts for $ 110, $ 188 for unlimited use. You pay only once, the license is for life, and includes updates.

To conclude:

You’ll understand that I recommend Tweet Adder. These features and benefits it provides are well worth the investment of $ 55, which will quickly pay for itself. Tweet Adder keeps its promises, it is complete, the gains in time and followers are not negligible
(about 20 to 60 followers per day extra).
Of course, the number of followers is not the only important criterion, we must not forget the quality of your tweets. If they are not interesting, you may well have thousands of followers, no clicks or retweet. By cons, if you have thousands of followers and that your tweets it more relevant in this case you will have everything to gain and be on track.
For more information:  Go now to Tweet Adder

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