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Autoblogging WordPress

WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress plugin, a super tool:

WP Robot 3 WordPress Autoblogging 1WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress a relatively easy tool for a plugin that has quickly become a very powerful autoblogging, the most popular thanks to its rich possibilities WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress allows you to create a full blog and has a system comprehensive management automation of new content at regular intervals can be scheduled.

So why is it so powerful? Because it is able to add messages, Amazon products, including questions and answers from Yahoo Answers and / or eBay auctions, the specific articles, YouTube videos, ads for Clickbank and Flickr images automatically, but always control over the type of messages you want to create.

Following the various updates WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress finally looks more like a complete software plingin modest.

WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress, the best:

WP robot1 WP Robot 3 Autoblogging WordPressThe new template system: the new feature introduced is a system that allows you to mix the contents of the different modules in one position. This makes the system has a great intéres.SE can add custom fields from your topic in the WP Robot model 3 to match the design and then customize the template.

– The manual insertion messages or articles or affiliate products.

– Keyword campaigns WP Robot 3 to organize your keywords and can be along exclude or replace some.

– New modules:

. Module Shopzilla. Shopzilla is one of the largest product comparison sites on the Internet today. This module can access the extensive database of products; .Press Release Module you can display all the press releases are available on the web;

.Commission Junction Module: CJ is one of the largest affiliate marketing and there are hundreds of advertisers in different countries manage their affiliate program with CJ;

. Twitter Module: allows you to access all the content available on twitter.com;

. Oodle module: a great classified site, with millions of ads in various countries and various categories;

. ITunes module: You may access all content in iTunes from Apple.

WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress :

So to conclude I will say that WP Robot 3 autoblogging WordPress is the best on the market of available WordPress plugins.

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