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Por · Monday, June 18th, 2012

The Computex techfest was only completed in Taipei was all about Windows 8 this year, as providers took the wraps on a range of new systems – hybrid tablets for notebooks. The presentations are the latest evidence that Windows 8 may arrive early, rather than more afternoon, with some industry launch monitors waiting for a September or October.

When Debuts Windows 8, there won’t be any shortage of devices to choose from, if Computex any indication. Hardware manufacturers are building tablets using ARM-based chips and running Windows 8 RT, as well as systems running Windows 8 in the architecture of Intel Atom (formerly known as Clover Trail). Not to be left out, Advanced Micro Devices showed a prototype tablet running its chip of Trinidad.

Suppliers will also put the focus on many new Windows 8 Ultrabooks, some of which also used the Intel Atom.

Despite all the hardware options, Windows 8 is still a great bet for Microsoft. Represents the bolder revamped operating system since Windows 95, which introduces now familiar features such as the taskbar and Windows Start menu.

Speaking of the latter, is replaced in Windows 8 interface of Metro, which provides access to applications through Live tiles, blocks of screen real estate that serve as information real-time e-mail, messaging, social networking and other services. Microsoft considers the new interface focused on implementation, which is taken from Windows Phone 7, appeal to consumers who have grown accustomed to use smartphones as their main computer tool.

Here are some key facts about the operating system: Microsoft has taken advantage of Dolby Laboratories to offer surround sound in Windows 8 PCs and tablets. Among other things, means systems Windows 8 will be able to output audio channel 5.1 for cinema at home of Blu-ray discs and other media.

However, Windows 8 not include DVD playback in Windows Media Player because it says the company, the majority of media is now consumed sources online like YouTube, Hulu, which is why the cost of supporting all necessary codecs for playback of DVD is already not worth it. In addition, Windows Media Center, which allows you to record and playback video and audio transmission TV and other sources, no longer will be offered as part of Windows included. Users will have the option to buy the package of Windows 8 Media Center or Windows 8 Pro Pack if you want to access the Media Center.

In the sign more side, all the devices Windows 8, as well as future of Windows Mobile, versions are connected automatically users to a free SkyDrive account as soon as they start in. addition, Family Safety of Microsoft app allows parents to monitor the use of their children, content filter and block certain sites online. Microsoft also said that he plans to leave Windows Live, a brand of catch-all that the company uses to refer to a wide range of desktop and Internet services that admitted that it was confusing for customers.

If consumers will accept the radical redesign yet remains to be seen. For users of the company, Windows 8 will probably in the radar of most of the organizations business for another couple of years, as most of them only beginning the process of moving from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Here is a look at some of the options of Tablet PC that will be available for those who choose to make the operating system changes.

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